Aborigines for Sale, Aborigines for Sale From $50 and up:
Trafficking in their genetic materials is a major issue facing Taiwan's Aboriginal peoples. Here are a few links for you to explore. Search around these sites to find more information.
ALFRED Detailed Record Information for Atayal samples at:

ALFRED Detailed Record Information for Ami samples at:

For a listing of all their available "populations" see:

And when you're ready to buy just go to the Correil Cell Repository which states:

"NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository
By providing the resources for human genome research, the HUMAN GENETIC CELL REPOSITORY, sponsored by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) , supplies scientists with the materials for accelerating disease gene discovery. The resources available include highly-characterized, viable, and contaminant-free cell cultures and high quality, well-characterized DNA samples derived from these cultures, both subjected to rigorous quality control." Good to know when you have to find reliable sources of genetic materials so you can publish research papers and look real good for the grant and funding committees. So here are a few examples but do a search of the site using "Taiwan" to get a full lineup of available genetic materials.




A listing of various genetic materials from various groups including a number of Indigenous peoples around the world is available at:


If you have any other leads regarding such commodification of Genetics materials sent them along and I'll post them.

Mark Munsterhjelm,
March 10, 2002
e-mail: markchen@uvic.ca